New Store

Happy Sunday Yall!
We have had a lot of questions about our new store and we wanted to fill yall in! We are moving to a larger space(Just right next door) and its starting to come together. The parking lot has been poured and interior walls are going up now. We are hoping really, really hard that we will be in by the end of march. Fingers Crossed! Don't worry, we aren't  going far... its literally in the same parking lot as our current building :)
We are super excited about all the new square footage we will have. We are planning on adding 3 more dressing rooms(YAY) and will have more room for new lines. Is there something special YOU want to see us carry?
We posted a sneak peek of the inside on facebook...go check it out!
We are headed to Viva Las Vegas this week for spring market! We hope yall will keep up with us thru instagram and snapchat to see what adorable things we find!
Hope you enjoy your valentines with breakfast in bed and LOTS of chocolate!



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